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Cosmetics Application of Pueraria Mirifica Extract/Kudzu Root Extract Puerarin——3
Feb 18, 2020

1. Anti-aging effect

Kudzu isoflavones are used in anti-aging cosmetics, there is the effect of making facial polish, acne wrinkles, its mechanism and gegen isoflavones have antioxidant, enhance the body's immunity.

2. The effect of Freckle Removing

Kudzu Root Extract Puerarin have inhibitions in the occurrence and formation of melanin in human skin.

3. Breast augmentation (mainly used for cream)

Pueraria Mirifica Extract cause breast and glandular development to increase, leading to fat build-up in the chest, restoring the elasticity of the breast skin

Pueraria Mirifica Extract

Additive dosage: 1%-5%

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