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What is Thiamine
Jul 16, 2020

A VitaminB1 (VB1), or thiamine, is the earliest water soluble vitamin b1.It is widely found in grains and in the outer skin and germ of seeds.Vitamins are a group of 13 organic compounds.Generally speaking, vitamins need to thiamine supplementmeet the following characteristics:

Exogenous: the body itself is not synthetic, need to be supplemented through food;

Trace: the body needs little, but can play a great role;

Regulatory: The vitamin must be able to regulate the body's metabolism or energy conversion;

Specificity: Lack of a certain vitamin, people will present with a characteristic morbidity.


Since the body cannot produce vitamins on its own, a lack of vitamins can also cause a variety of diseases.Therefore, timely vitamin supplementation is also very important.Moreover, thiamine hydrochloride, due to its water-solubility, is excreted in the blood and therefore needs to be replenished daily.The main functions of thiamine hydrochloride include:

Treatment beriberi: thiamine b1namely vitamin B1 deficiency disease, is a systemic nutritional deficiency disease.It mainly involves nervous system, cardiovascular system and edema and serous fluid exudation.

Digestion aid: promote metabolism promote peristalsis, digestion aid, improve appetite.

Mental Health: Thiamine hydrochloride, also known as an anti-neuritis factor, protects the human nervous system and regulates mental health by regulating brain cells.


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