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Black Garlic Powder---Great Antioxidants, New Super Healthy Food
Apr 01, 2017

Black garlic Extract, also known as fermented black garlic, is made with fresh raw garlic with skin fermentation 60 to 90 days in the fermentation machine. Black garlic can retain the original ingredients of raw garlic, and provide numerous nutritional and health benefits than raw garlic. After fermented, the garlic flavor shift to sweet, savory, umami, and taste without garlic flavor.  

black garlic powder.png

Black garlic extract is with a great anti-oxidation, anti-acid effect. It’s anti-aging, antioxidant capacity is 39 times than the ordinary garlic. It could help to delay the menopause, and suitable for those who want to keep young and vigorous, and those with low immunity, want to enhance immunity.

Black garlic extract also has a good function on sterilization, enhancing immune function and regulation of blood sugar levels.

Our Black Garlic Powder is formed by grinding black garlic. It can be conveniently and widely added in regular food and healthy food, such as black garlic granules, capsules and oral solution. Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd. are selling Black Garlic powder both domestically and overseas regularly and get high reputation from the customers. Our monthly capacity is more than 5mt, and could match all customer’s requirement. If need the black garlic powder and black garlic extracct, please contact us or email to [email protected].

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