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Biological Activity of Ashwagandha Root Extract
Mar 10, 2020

The Biological activity of Ashwagandha Root Extract is concentrated in three areas:

Anti-tumor efficacy: Intoxicatin-like compounds can inhibit the growth of cancer cells through a variety of cellular pathways

Regulating immune function: pure ashwagandha extract can promote the production of macrophages, thus killing pathogens to improve immunity.

pure ashwagandha extract

Protective role of nerves: Extract ashwagandha can promote the production of nerve cell dendritic structure, relieves neuronal dysfunction disease.

Protective cardiovascular effect: Root extract of ashwagandha can improve the expression of antioxidant enzymes, thereby reducing damage to myocardial cells and protecting the cardiovascular system. In addition, intoxicator extract can also improve blood sugar and lipid metabolism, so that the cardiovascular function more healthier.

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