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Beta-Ecdysone Powder Benefits
May 03, 2021

Brief Introduction

20-hydroxy ecdysterone also known as β-ecdysone, is an insect metamorphic hormone, which is widely present in plants of different families. Many medicinal plants contain ecdysone. Such as Achyranthes, water kebab, yew, water bamboo leaves, wild sesame, dew grass. Among them, the content of beta-Ecdysone in dew grass is the highest.


Main Function

The Crustecdysone contained in it has the effect of promoting cell growth, stimulating the division of dermal cells, and promoting the synthesis of human protein. It is widely used in veterinary clinics in silkworm breeding to regulate the growth and development of silkworms, and to promote the order of silkworms; in aquaculture It is also used to promote shelling of shrimps and crabs to achieve high yields.


Application in Farming Field


Accelerate the growth:

The shrimps and crabs can be shelled in time to remove harmful parasites from the body.

■ Enhance anti-stress ability:

Promote metabolism and protein synthesis in the body.

■ Increase the survival rate:

Significantly improve the consistency of shelling of shrimps and crabs, effectively avoid killing each other.

■ Resist diseases:

The sterilization and antibacterial ingredients contained in the product.


Reduce the reproductive age cycle, make the upper stalk tidy, and promote silkworm silking and cocooning.

3.Agricultural insecticidal: 

Ecdysone powder can affect all the developmental stages of insects from hatched larva to adult, so it controls or kills agricultural pests, and is also used as a pesticide for development and application.

4.Crop growth: 

Ecdysone also has certain effects on the physiological processes of crops, and it also has a good development and application prospect in crop yield aids.


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