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Baicalin (Scutellaria Root Extract)——Uses, Dosage, Side Effects
Oct 09, 2017

Scutellaria baicalensis (Chinese Skullcap) is a traditional chinese medicine for the purposes of cardiovascular and cognitive health as well as longevity. It appears to be a good source for flavonoid compounds, and some components are quite potent. scutellaria baicalensis root extract in cosmetics have strong antioxidant effects. It will make the baicalin skin improved well. Baicalin, the active compound from the Blue Skullcap, has many health benefits. People are using more and more baicalin, but many people still wonder how to use baicalin correctly. In this post, we’ll go into detail about how to use baicalin extract powder. 

Baicalin is a great supplement for anybody looking to improve their health, or as an addition to a health stack. It’s also great for reducing stress and helping to promote healthy sleep cycles. Please read on for more information about the correct way to use baicalin for optimal health benefits.

1. What is Baicalin Used for?

Baicalin is used for a number of great effects. If you’re still unsure about why people use baicalin, please read through our product description, available here.

We’ll briefly summarize some of the best uses for baicalin right here. People use baicalin for a number of health benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

Baicalin helps promote healthy sleep cycles

a. Strong antioxidant effects

b. Promoting healthy sleep

c. Reducing inflammation

d. Promotion of relaxation and pain-relief

e. Stress reduction

f. Skin protection

g. Preventing hair loss

h. Antiviral / antibiotic effects

As you can see, baicalin can be used as baicalin supplement somewhat of a ‘super-supplement’. Its multiple benefits have all been scientifically verified (see our references). It’s no wonder the ancient Chinese healers treated the Blue Skullcap with such reverence!

2. Optimal Baicalin powder dosage

Scientists and users are still unsure of the correct and optimal dosage of baicalin for humans. There is still a need for funding on human studies to discover the optimal baicalin powder dosage. However, based on previous animal studies, it seems the best baicalin dosage is around 500 mg of root extract.

Since Natural Field’s baicalin is 95% pure, we’d recommend starting with a lower dosage of around 200 mg, and seeing how your body responds.

3. Baicalin solubilityuse baicalin

Baicalin extract is great because of how soluble it is! This means that you can easily dissolve your baicalin dietary supplement into a glass of water or juice in the morning, to kick start your day. You can also add baicalin powder to smoothies, health drinks, or simply take the powder on its own or in a capsule.

4. Baicalin side effects

Baicalin has been used for nearly a thousand years in ancient Chinese traditional medicine. The use of baicalin as a dietary health supplement is very safe. However, there have been few studies about safety in pregnant women and people with underlying medical conditions.

Baicalin interacts with GABA-A subtype receptors so please use with caution if taking benzodiazepines, alcohol, or antidepressants as baicalin may interfere with these.

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