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Arbutin——Magic Dispel Freckles Product
May 31, 2017

Arbutin is a natural active substance derived from green plants. It is a combination of "green plants, safe and reliable" and "highly decolorized". It can penetrate into the skin quickly and does not affect cell proliferation concentration. At the same time, it can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin. Blocking the formation of melanin, through their own and tyrosinase directly combine to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin. Thereby reducing skin pigmentation, Freckles. but also on the melanoma cells do not produce toxic, irritating, sensitizing and other side effects, as well as sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect. Nowadays, it is most popular safe and effective whitening raw materials, but also the twenty-first century, the ideal skin whitening freckle active agent.

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For cosmetics grade, it can be prepared into skin cream, freckle cream, senior pearl cream, both skin care, but also anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation.

Your Worry of Arbutin:

Many people are particularly afraid of the sensitivity of arbutin. In fact, do not worry, the test showed that only more than 7% concentration of arbutin may be sensitive to light. So 7% is a safety critical point, the biggest characteristic of arbutin. Is able to penetrate the basal layer to carry out the depth of the spot. For chloasma, dark spots, sun spots, drug allergy left behind the pigmentation are very strong therapeutic effect. But the concentration is too low, the effect of the persistence will be weakened. So 5% concentration is the safest and most efficient spot concentration, 5% concentration than vitamin C light spot effect faster. At the same time. The persistence of light spot stability, the skin will not produce irritating effect.

The brands products of Arbutin:

Once Arbutin came out, that is subject to cosmetics technology leading Japan, the United States of particular attention and extensive use. Japan's Shiseido's first launch of the "Arbutin Cosmetics Series." At present, the developed countries whitening skin care market has been almost monopolized by arbutin. Α-arbutin as the latest beauty whitening agent, world famous brand has just started to use. In 2002 Peutaharm introduced a new active skin whitening agent containing α-arbutin, and Shiseido also introduced a series of cosmetics containing α-arbutin. The study found that α-arbutin chemical properties thanβ-arbutin effect is more stable, can be more easily added to a variety of whitening skin care cosmetics. PH = 3.5-6.5 the most stable, the recommended addition of 0.2% -5%, can be used in all formulations. Avon whitening series, DHC arbutin whitening series, Herborist beauty day cream and so on. According to the author know in Xi’an, there is a Xi'an Natural Filed Co., Ltd., the company's main products include alpha arbutin, beta arbutin, deoxy arbutin, the indicators have reached Japan's senior quality standards, Shiseido Standards in the world's highest standards, access to peer recognition. If the user interested in arbutin can go to consult the purchase.

Where Can You Buy The Arbutin?

Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd. is the professional Manufacturer of Herbal Extract Since 2005. And attend the CPHI, Vitafoods and API Exhibition from 2008. the Arbutin is the one of our strong products. If you need this products, please visit their website www.nfnutra.com or send an inquiry to us [email protected] at any time.

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