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Antioxidant and Liver Protection Activity of Blue Spirulina Extract
Sep 30, 2019

Ph.D. Studied Blue Spirulina Extract Pairs with R-(-)-Long Leaf Mint Ketones and CCl4-induced hepatotoxic pharmacological activity in rats. The results showed that Blue Spirulina Extract could significantly reduce the liver toxicity caused by large amounts of free radicals produced by both compounds.

In 2002, the effects of Blue Spirulina Extract on the parameters of oxidative stress in the liver's dead cells were also studied. The results showed that Phycocyanin significantly reduced the phagocytosis function of dead cells and associated respiratory bursts, based on the principle that Blue Majik powder reduced the amount of nitric oxide produced by the tumor necrosis factor TNF-alpha and methylene causeof oxidation stress.

Therefore, we believe that the liver protection effect of Phycocyanin is mainly due to its inhibition of the oxidation reaction of the production of active metabolites and the effective elimination of free radicals. In addition, Blue spirulina powder can also inhibit some of the reactions mediated by cytochrome P450, for example, inhibit the production of oxidizing reaction active metabolites in which P450 is involved.

It was finally confirmed that Phycocyanin can inhibit the peroxidation reaction of liver lipids in rats induced by CCl4.

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