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Aloe Emodin——Liver Protection and Anti-tumor Effect
Jan 17, 2020

1. Aloe Emodin——Liver Protection

The therapeutic effect of aloe-emodin on acute liver damage in rats caused by lipid peroxidation caused by excessive lipid peroxide. The results of histological examination of the liver showed that aloe emodin reduced the pathological changes in rats with acute liver damage.

Quantitative measurement satas of mRNA levels of hepatoalbumin and tumor necrosis factors showed that albumin mRNA levels decreased significantly in acute liver-injury rats, while acute liver-injury rats given aloe emodin 95 decreased only slightly in the body; 

Tumor necrosis factor mRNA levels were significantly lower in the acute liver injury group rats treated with aloe emodin powder.

Results show that aloe emodin powder can not only prevent liver cell death, but also have a certain protective effect on the inflammatory response after lipid peroxidation, suggesting that aloe vera extract may be used in the treatment of fatty liver diseases.

2. Aloe Emodin——Anti-tumor Effect

In recent years, the study of the anti-tumor effect of aloe-emodin has become a hot topic for scholars at home and abroad.

Studies have reported that aloe-emodin inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells such as human malignant glioma (U87), pharynx cell carcinoma (FaDu), liver cancer (Hep3B) and acute leukemia T (Jurkat T) and induces apoptosis. Other studies have been reported with gastric cancer (MGC-803 and SGC-7901) cells and highmet breast cancer (MDA -MB - 231) cells to study the anti-tumor effects of aloe emodin.

The results showed that aloe emodin inhibited tumor cell metastasis.

The above research shows that aloe-emodin has a wide range of anti-tumor activity, for leukemia, glioma, pharyngite cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer and other tumors have a role, and can be induced apoptosis, anti-metastasis and other ways to play an anti-cancer role, therefore, is expected to become an important clinical anti-tumor drugs.

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