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5-Aminolevulinic Photodynamic Therapy(PDT) in Medical Field
Dec 21, 2020


5-ALA is a precursor of tetrahydropyrrole and is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll, serotonin, and vitamin B12.It has been widely used in agriculture, cosmetics and medicine.It has broad application prospect and market.This article mainly take about its application in the field of medicine.5-ALA plays an amazing role in cancer therapy.


In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and drugs, photodynamic therapy has become a mature treatment approach in recent years.It has good effects and has fewer side effects than other methods.Photodynamic therapy refers to the activation of photosensitive drugs that selectively concentrate in molecules-16-04140-g001tumor tissues at specific sites of the tumor, causing a chemical reaction to destroy the tumor.Three essential elements are: photosensitive drugs, light, and tumor sites.First of all, photosensitive drugs are injected into the human body through intravenous injection, and then certain wavelength of light is irradiated to the tumor site. At this time, photosensitive drugs will transfer energy to the surrounding oxygen to form singlet oxygen, and then singlet oxygen and macromolecular substances have oxidation reaction, producing cytotoxicity, resulting in the killing of tumor cells.


1. Better results, shorter half-life.

2. Little side effects: as it is an endogenous substance, the metabolic process is non-toxic.Exogenous ALA can also be excreted in the urine.Compared with first-generation photosensitizers with significant side effects, it takes up to 1 month to avoid light after treatment.

3. Low cost: compared with the first generation of photosensitizers, it has a lower price.


1. Various cancers: bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, etc.


2. Acne: The effective rate is up to 95%.


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