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5-Aminolevulinic Acid HCl (5-ALA) ------ A New Type of Green Pesticide
Mar 30, 2017

5-aminolevulinic acid is a new type of pesticide, because it is easy to degrade in the environment, no residue, no toxic to people, so it is a Pollution-free green pesticides and much attention in the field of agriculture is widely used, mainly used in plant growth regulators, green herbicide, kill Insects, etc., can also be applied to medicine, organic synthesis and so on.

At present, 5-ALA as an environmental compatibility and selectivity, highly new light activated pesticides are widely used in agriculture.

5-ala hcl.jpg

1. Plant growth regulator

a. To regulate the synthesis of chlorophyll.

b. To improve the stability of chlorophyll and light capture system Ⅱ.

c. To improve photosynthetic efficiency and promote photosynthesis.

d. To promote plant tissue differentiation, inhibition in the dark breathing, expansion stomata and other basic physiological activity.

Therefore, it is not simply a biological metabolic intermediates, also Senate. And plant growth and development of the regulatory process, with similar plant hormones born Rational activity, can be used as a plant growth regulator in agricultural production.

2. Green herbicide

3. Insecticide

In addition to agricultural applications, the medical 5-ALA as a new type of light force drugs, not only for the treatment of local or systemic skin cancer, but also available in the bladder cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer and other diagnosis. Can also be used in cosmetics field, with the treatment of acne, skin cancer.

Where Can You Buy 5-ALA?

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