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100% Pure Natural Lavender Essential Oil

100% Pure Natural Lavender Essential Oil

CAS No.: 8000-28-0
Appearance: Faint yellow or pale yellow clarify liquid
Relative density: 0.875~0.895
Refraction: 1.457~1.470
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER...
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100% Pure Natural Lavender Essential Oil Introduction

Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender flowers, which are scientifically known as Lavender and belong to the lamiaceae. Lavender oil is mainly extracted by ancient steam distillation. Although there are nearly 39 species of lavender, only four of these flowers can be used as essential oils.

Lavender essential oils are very useful in aromatherapy, and many aromatic preparations are made from lavender essential oils. Lavender oil can be mixed with many other essential oils, including cedar, sage, geranium and nutmeg. Today, lavender essential oils are used in a variety of forms, including aromatherapy oils, gels, infusions, lotions and soaps.

Lavender is a lavender of the family Lamiaceae. Lavender essential oil is made from lavender, which can clear away heat and detoxify, cleanse skin, control oil, whitening, wrinkle and rejuvenation, remove dark circles under the eye bags, and promote skin care functions such as regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. Lavender oil also has a calming effect on the heart, which can lower high blood pressure and calm the heart. It is very helpful for insomnia.

Lavender is complemented by a variety of pure plant essential oil active factors, which quickly penetrates hair follicles to disinfect and antibacterial, promote cell regeneration, restore skin connective tissue, balance skin oil secretion, soothe sensitive skin, astringe pores and replenish skin moisture.

Specification of 100% Pure Natural Lavender Essential Oil

Product name:

Lavender Oil Price

CAS No.:



Faint yellow or pale yellow clarify liquid

Relative density:





-3°- +11°




dissolved 75% ethanol

Main Functions

1. It helps to rejuvenate, restore consciousness, and is very helpful for learning.

2. It helps the spirit to soothe and relax.

3. It can promote blood circulation.

4. It is good for preventing high blood pressure.

5. It can relax.

6. It can improve immunity

7. If it keeps the air tube, it is good for the nose and throat.

8. It can be used for cosmetics and daily use.


1. Aromatherapy: the use of aromatic lamp or add a few drops of lavender oil in water, the use of incense heating apparatus temperature, essential oils escaping to the atmosphere.

2. Bath: a few drops of lavender oil, or 50-100ml Rose orginal solution (Perfume) - adding hotwater in the pool,and then fully mixing, the water temperature controlled at 39 or so, not too hot, as oil lavender easily dissolved in water, can be first to join base oil, milk, honey,bath salts in order to be mixed with water.

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