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Pure Kojic Acid Powder

Pure Kojic Acid Powder

Product name: Kojic acid
Alias: Kojic acid2-Hydroxymethyl-5-hydroxy-γ-pyrone 5-Hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-4H-4-pyranone
Molecular formula: C6H6O4
Molecular weight: 142.11
CAS number: 501-30-4
MDL number: MFCD00006580
EINECS number: 207-922-4
Main functions: whitening, antiseptic, etc.
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What's kojic acid?

The main ingredient of the pure kojic acid powder produced by Natural Field is high-purity kojic acid, which is an organic acid with a structure similar to glucose. Its chemical name is 2-hydroxymethyl-5-hydroxy-1,4-pyrone and its molecular formula is C6H6O4. Kojic acid is a white prismatic, needle-like crystal or powder with a melting point of 152℃~154℃. It is easily soluble in water, methanol, etc., slightly soluble in ethyl acetate, ether, and chloroform, and hardly soluble in most other solvents such as benzene. Although kojic acid is soluble in water, the solubility is relatively small, and the solubility in ethanol is slightly lower than that in water. The temperature has a great influence on the solubility of kojic acid, so kojic acid crystals can be obtained by cooling and concentrating crystallization.

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Is kojic acid safe?

Kojic acid is a natural substance produced in the traditional brewing industry, and its content is relatively low. Generally, it is not necessary to consider its safety. Early tests on the safety of kojic acid, including acute and chronic toxicity and teratogenicity tests, have proved that kojic acid is safe. However, in recent years, there have been experimental results that kojic acid damages human glands such as the liver, which are carcinogenic and induce tumors. After research, it is currently believed that low-dose kojic acid is safe for humans, and long-term use of high-dose kojic acid may induce pathological changes in animal organs and affect growth and development. However, there is no definite evidence to prove that kojic acid has carcinogenic and genotoxic effects.

How kojic acid works?

Pure kojic acid powder can inhibit the mycophenolate and diphenols activities of tyrosinase and is reversible. Kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase activity mainly through the following three ways.

First of all, kojic acid has a similar structure to L-dopa, which can compete with phenolic substances for the monophenolic active center of tyrosinase and inhibit the enzymatic oxidation reaction.

Secondly, tyrosinase is an oxidoreductase with a binuclear copper ion in its active center. The 5-hydroxyl and 4-keto groups of kojic acid can be complex with Cu2+ on the active center of tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting tyrosine. Enzyme activity.

Third, kojic acid has reductive properties, which can interfere with the absorption of O2 in the enzymatic reaction of tyrosinase by removing oxygen-free radicals.

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Where to buy kojic acid?

Natural Field is a professional kojic acid manufacturer and supplier. The pure kojic acid powder we produce sells well in many countries in the world and is very popular. Our advantage:

1. Quality Assurance

Reduce disputes caused by quality problems, avoid complex procedures.

2. Guarantee Function

We ensure our product's active ingredient is guaranteed, and have fantasy appraise.

3. Efficient Team

Effective coordinate of all departments in 24 hours, quickly reply your every question.

4. Traceability

Production record data of each batch is kept intact, including raw materials, solvents, packing, CCP, storage, delivery.


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