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Idebenone Powder 58186-27-9 Cosmetic Skin Care

Idebenone Powder 58186-27-9 Cosmetic Skin Care

Idebenone 98%
CAS: 58186-27-9
Molecular Formula: C19H30O5
Certificates: ISO9001, Kosher, HACCP...
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Idebenone Powder 58186-27-9 Cosmetic Skin Care Oil Introduction

Idebenone (pronounced eye-deb-eh-known, trade name Catena, Raxone, Sovrima, etc.) was originally developed by Takeda Pharmaceutical for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive deficits.

Idebenone powder is an antioxidant brain supplement with the benefits of memory, treatment of cognitive dysfunction, heart disease, neurological diseases and signs of aging.

It not only improves the health and mental function of the brain, but also prevents wrinkles and oxidative damage throughout the body.

It activates the linear pull function, can improve brain function metabolism and brain dysfunction, improve the utilization of glucose in the brain, promote the production of ATP, and improve the metabolism of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. It is mainly used to treat central nervous system degenerative diseases related to oxidative stress, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple infarct dementia, regional cerebral anemia and brain failure. It is also used in the treatment of Friedreich, ataxia, and in cosmetic preparations, which have cosmetic effects such as scavenging free radicals, inhibiting lipid peroxidation, inhibiting inflammation, inhibiting DNA damage, photoprotection and reduction. Pigmentation.


Specification of Idebenone Powder 58186-27-9 Cosmetic Skin Care

Idebenone NF-20171011 COA.jpg

Main Functions

1. Idebenone,also called idebenona increases nerve growth factor (NGF) in the brain. 

2. Idebenone as a powerful antioxidant and positively affects brain chemistry. 

3. Idebenone been shown to promote information transfer across the corpus callosum, the membrane 

separating the right and left brain hemispheres. 

4. Idebenone been used to treat Alzheimer's and to lessen damage  from strokes. 

5. Idebenone can increase production of the brain neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine,drenalin, and 


6. This product is suitable for brain damage caused by chronic cerebrovascular disease and brain trauma.

7. It can improve mental behavioral disorders such as subjective symptoms, language, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and mental decline.

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