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Coenzyme Q10 With Water Soluble And Cosmetic Grade

Coenzyme Q10 With Water Soluble And Cosmetic Grade

Product Code: NF-001
Active ingredient: Coenzyme Q10
CAS No.:303-98-0
Specification: 98% 99%
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER...
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Coenzyme Q10 With Water Soluble And Cosmetic Grade Oil Introduction

Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, ubidecarenone, coenzyme Q, and abbreviated at times to CoQ10, CoQ, or Q10 is a coenzyme  that is ubiquitous in the bodies of most animals. It is a 1,4-benzoquinone, where Q refers to the quinone chemical group and 10 refers to the number of isoprenyl  chemical subunits in its tail.

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is one of the most important elements in human life. It can activate the nutrition and cellular energy of human cells, improve human immunity, enhance anti-oxidation, delay aging, and enhance human vitality. It is widely used in medicine for cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, it has been widely used in domestic and international nutritional health products and food additives.

When the content of coenzyme Q10 in the human body is reduced by 25%, many diseases, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, occur. Even more frightening is that when the coenzyme Q10 in the body drops by more than 75%, life will end. The lack of coenzyme Q10 in the human body is usually prone to heart failure, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Specification of Coenzyme Q10 with Water Soluble and Cosmetic Grade


Color Reaction:a blue color appears


Assay by HPLC

Current USP



Molecular Structure



Yellow to orange crystalline powder

Extract Solvent


Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent



Total Heavy Metals










Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Main Functions


As a strong antioxidant Q10 protects cells from chemicals and other harmful factors.


Q10 coenzyme naturally prevents our body and cells from free radicals damage and works as a shield  against harmful effects. Muscles are also in need of q10enzyme  due to its energy boosting quality. Experiments proved that people who had a balanced Q10 level were more energetic and vigorous heart-related problems coq10 enzyme is proven helpful in treating heart-related problems such as congestive heart failure and to lower high blood ressure.Q10 vitamin improves immunity and can dramatically slow tumor growth.

3. Coenzyme Q10 is used as a strong antioxidant alone or in combination with vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) to inhibit the modification of the microtubule system involved in the differentiation and activity of receptors on immune cells by free radicals and enhance the immune system. ,anti aging.

4. Coenzyme Q10 helps to provide enough oxygen to the heart muscle to prevent sudden heart disease, especially in the process of myocardial hypoxia.

5. The role of coenzyme Q10 can accelerate the metabolism of fat, so that the energy supply of the limbs and brain is sufficient and energetic.

6. It can be used as a skin care product to increase skin elasticity.

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