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Astaxanthin Oil Powder Extract Cosmetic Grade

Product Code: NF-001
Botanical Source: Heamotococcus pluvialis
Active ingredient: Astaxanthin oil powder
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER
Delivery: Shipped in Same day from stocks
Drum: 20,25kg
Pallet:12drums/pallet,or 30cartons/pallet
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃
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Astaxanthin also known as xanthine shrimp, lobster shell pigment, is a carotenoid, also is the highest level in carotenoids synthetic product, dark pink, chemical structure similar to beta carotene. And beta-carotene, lutein, Angle flavin, lycopene is carotenoids synthetic intermediate, therefore in nature, astaxanthin has the strongest antioxidant activity. Widely exists in the biosphere, especially shrimp, crab, fish, algae, yeast and bird feathers in content is higher, is one of the major carotenoids in Marine organisms.

Astaxanthin powderAstaxanthin oil


Assay by HPLC

Natural : 2% 2.5% 3%by HPLC

2% 2.5% 3% by UV

Synthetic: 2% 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 5% by HPLC

2% 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 5% by UV

Astaxanthin Oil: 5% 8% 10% by HPLC

5% 8% 10% by UV




Dark Red Powder

Dark Red liquid oil

Extract Solvent

Ethanol & water

Moisture and Volatile compounds

≦6.0% ≦5.0% ≦2.0%

Residual Solvent


Total Heavy Metals


Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


3.Identification Method

Astaxin from different sources has different stereoisomers and chemical compositions. Haematococcus pluvialis is the most natural source of astaxanthin with high safety and absorption rate. The purity and safety of astaxanthin from yeast and other fungi are relatively low, chemically synthesized, and the shrimp and crab shell waste content is low, which is not conducive to human body absorption.

Astaxanthin Solubility

1. Identification tag

First of all, it depends on whether there is a blue hat mark for health food approved by the State Food and Drug Administration on the outer packaging bottle, or a QS production license mark and implementation standard approved by the state.

2. Identifying accessories

Use the scissors to cut the rubber of the capsule. The good astaxanthin oil will drip into a cup of clear water and spread quickly, which is beneficial to the full and rapid absorption of the gastrointestinal tract. The inferior astaxanthin oil is dripped into the clear water as a black paste, which is not dispersible and is not conducive to absorption. The capsule skin of inferior products is usually opaque because artificial pigments are used to cover the rubber and contents.

3. Recognize the ingredients

If an astaxanthin soft capsule contains 4-5 mg of astaxanthin, the color of a capsule blended into one kilogram of common cooking oil is close to that of the finest salmon because of the fine shrimp of the shrimp. The prime content is 5 mg per kg.

4.Main Function

Astaxanthin has high performance antioxidant properties.

Natural astaxanthin and synthetic astaxanthin have antioxidant and anti-aging function;

astaxanthin antioxidant


Haematococcus pluvialis astaxanthin ingredients were popularly used in skincare.

Astaxanthin skin products have strong anti-aging, anti wrinkle, lift tensioning, moisture function.

Added natural moisturizing, hydrating, brightening for improving, which make your skin looks healthy and glowing.

astaxanthin skin

astaxanthin cream

natural astaxanthin
Face maskCreamEssense



7.Why choose us?

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