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Agricultural Raw Materials

Sophora Flavescens Root Extract Matrine Pesticide

Plant original: Sophorae flavescens
Appearance: brown powder/ liquid/ paste or white powder
Specification: Matrine 4%, 15% 90% 98%, HPLC
CAS No: 519-02-8, 10236-74-2
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER
Delivery: Shipped in Same day from stocks
Drum: 20,25kg
Pallet:12drums/pallet,or 30cartons/pallet
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃
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Matrine is an alkaloid extracted from the roots, stems and fruits of the leguminous plant Sophora flavescens by an organic solvent such as ethanol, and belongs to the class of quinolocilidine derivatives lupin alkaloids.Matrine powder has various pharmacological effects such as antibacterial, antiasthmatic, and white blood cells. Animal experiments have shown that it has an inhibitory effect on certain malignant tumors. Oxymatrine is particularly prominent, and its chemotherapy index is 7.8 times that of automycin.

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Matrine 4%, 15% 90% 98%, HPLC


Matrine can be used as an anti-hepatitis B virus.

Matrine powder can inhibit the activity of collagen and prevent liver fibrosis.

It can prevent the abnormal liver cell death of matrine.

Matrine supplument can slow heart rate, decrease myocardial contractility, and reduce cardiac output. It has anti-arrhythmia effect, but also has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.


■ In agriculture field:Matrine is a natural plant pesticides and insecticides.

-Authenticity :Matrine-based biopesticides have demonstrated acaricidal and insecticidal activity in both field and laboratory studies.

-MOA: Acts on insect pest central nervous system causing breath inhibition and motion imbalance.

-Target pest: Aphids; Carmine spider mite; Apple & various leaf mites; Leek maggot; Grubs; Wireworms; Cutowrms; Diamondback moth; Caterpillars.

In pharmaceutical field: Matrine injection on the treatment of chronic persistent hepatitis have a good effect;

In cosmetic field:It has good effect of anti-inflammatory.

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