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Agricultural Raw Materials

Garlic Extract Allicin

Active Ingrdients: Allicin
Cas No.: 539-86-6
Test Method: HPLC
Specifications: Allicin 1% -10%​
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER
Delivery: Shipped in Same day from stocks
Drum: 20,25kg
Pallet:12drums/pallet,or 30cartons/pallet
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃
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Based on Chinese herbal medicine science, allicin has a strong odor and spicy taste, and has immune and anti-fatigue functions. As a restorative herb, garlic can play an important role in balancing stressful life and tired body. In the veterinary field, it can treat respiratory infections and digestive diseases in poultry and livestock. In recent years, allicin has been a newly developed multifunctional feed additive that is widely used as a preservative to replace antibiotics in feed.

garlic extract

Garlic extract allicin



Light yellow fine powder





Sieve analysis

NLT 95% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying


Residue on Ignition


Heavy Metal


Total Plate Count


Yeast & Moulds







■ Cardiovascular Disease;

■ Garlic extract allicin can lower blood pressure and blood-fat and delay senility;

■ Antioxidant Activity;

■ Antibacterial Effects,Allicin powder is mainly used in treating eumycete and bacterial infection;

■ Anticancer Activities


In agriculture:

Inhibit the reproduction of colon bacillus, salmonella and etc. It also can treat respiratory infection and disease of digestive tract of poultry and livestock.

In food additives:

Allicin product can enhance flavor.

In pharmaceuticals:

It has eumycete and bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and Cardiovascular Disease.

In health product field:

It is usually made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat and delay senility.

In feed additive:

●Enhance immunity and promote healthy growth of livestock, poultry and fish.

●Improve animal quality, add appropriate amount of allicin in the feed, can effectively regulate the formation of stimulating amino acids in the meat, increase the flavor of animal meat or eggs.

● Reduce detoxification, anti-mildew and fresh.


1. Antibacterial broad-spectrum, strong antibacterial.

2. Seasoning and attracting food to improve feed quality.

3. Non-toxic, no side effects, no drug residues, no drug resistance. Allicin contains natural bactericidal ingredients and is metabolized in the original form of animals.

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